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When considering the implementation of Auto Identification (AutoID) technology, it is important to understand the options available, the features of the systems and the potential drawbacks or limitations of each. For many years linear (1D) barcodes were the outright market leader with technical advances producing new symbologies and new matrix (2D) barcodes appearing in the market. However, in recent years the proliferation of Radio Frequency Identification Tags (RFID) has made significant inroads into Auto ID solutions.

It should not be assumed that RFID is always a better solution to item identification than a barcode solution. It is always necessary to assess the project in hand and understand the usage conditions, future expansion of systems and potential users of the system.

  • Costs: In most cases RFID tag costs will exceed the equivalent solution using barcoded labels. However some highly robust barcode labels can tend towards the pricing of RFID tags
  • Line of Sight: RFID tags do not require line-of-sight for reading whereas barcodes always need line-of-sight to be read
  • Read Rate: Read rate is impressive with all Auto ID technologies, additionally multiple RFID tags can be read simultaneously
  • Read Write Capability: Barcodes are a read-only solution. 2D barcodes can store a significant amount of data. RFID tags can be read-only or read write
  • Security: RFID Tags can offer highly secure data and are difficult to clone or counterfeit, barcodes have lower levels of security.

At Tacit Systems we are happy to review the requirements of companies and make Auto ID recommendations based on our knowledge and understanding of the options available.

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The company offers leading edge software with ongoing product development, backed up by a dedicated team of skilled programmers.

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Tacit Systems Ltd. understand the harsh, sometimes extreme nature of the operating environment in which data capture equipment is required to operate and has forged strong alliances with a range of mobile computing manufacturers.

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